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SCORE ! Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 516965
Gefördert unter: FP6-NMP
Land: Netherlands

Final Report Summary - SCORE ! (Sustainable consumption research exchanges)

The ultimate aim of the SCORE project was to set up a Coordination action in the field of Sustainable consumption and production (SCP), focusing on 'user awareness' of sustainable consumption, involving key expertise covering all relevant steps of the value chain in the priority consumption domains of mobility, agro-food and energy/electronics. These areas caused 70-80 % of the environmental impact of Europe.

The objectives of the project were the following:
- bringing the state-of-the-art to realise in Sustainable consumption and production a major leap. The project would result in two edited books concerning: a) SCP implementation concepts from a business, design, consumer and system innovation perspective, b) providing implementation guidance in the areas of SCP food, mobility, housing
- consolidating a strong practitioner network, namely build a structure that could support exchanges;
- understanding how to avoid the 'three-year burn-out' after initiation of the project and when sponsorship quits

Via all these activities, the Consumption area (CA) promoted best SCP practice, programme research, provided input into policy, and wanted to create a permanent network of SCP researchers, across research fields and the theory/practice borders, linked with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEPs) world-wide Tenth Year Framework of Programmes in the field of SCP.

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