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Final Report Summary - STARTER (Strengthening the strategic research partnership between China and the EU)

The ultimate aim of the STARTER project was to reinforce the European-Chinese Science and technology (S&T) cooperation in the framework of the European-Chinese S&T Cooperation Agreement. This would be achieved by means of implementing a series of dedicated promotional activities that would attract more attention of relevant European and Chinese scientists in concrete cooperation priorities and thus, greatly contribute to excellent European-Chinese projects in the future under the European (EU) Framework Program.
The main objectives of the project's Work packages were to:
- ensure effective project management and technical coordination of all project activities, establish and implement throughout the project a quality assurance plan, and disseminate the project findings to all interested parties;
- establish an effective network between the coordinator of China science and technology exchange centre (CSTEC) and some key Network of national contact points (NCPs) in Europe for quick dissemination of S&T cooperative information;
- build a network of Regional contact points (RCPs) covering a broad area of China. These points were settled in Chinese provinces and cities with rich Research and technical development (RTD) resources to ensure the quick and efficient information flow. At the same time, these regional multipliers should be well-trained to raise the EU S&T profile in different Chinese regions;
- build a 'one-stop-shop' website and a mailing database concerning EU-China S&T cooperation;
- demonstrate the achievements of previous and existing EU-China S&T cooperation and further disseminate EU RTD policies/activities in China;
- provide opportunities for interested European and Chinese scientists to have face-to-face communication by holding or participating in some dedicated multilateral/bilateral S&T workshops;
- ensure an optimal use of the project results through promotion and dissemination of knowledge in Europe and China, and support the process of other WPs

The project succeeded in increasing the participation of Chinese research organisations in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), as well as encourage the Chinese participation in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

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