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Project ID: 517884
Źródło dofinansowania: FP6-SOCIETY
Kraj: Italy

Final Report Summary - DIVA (Science in a different voice)

The ultimate aim of the DIVA project was to promote gender equal opportunities in science through awareness and sensitisation activities in order to create a scientific community more reflective of the need for a pluralist research and academic environment. In this sense, the whole project was about using and disseminating knowledge in order to accelerate the adoption of scientific and political initiatives concerning gender equity in science. &L&L The specific objectives of the project were to:
- sensitise high-school female students in order to promote a friendly image of science;
- raise scientists' awareness of the existence of gender stereotypes and sensitise them through quarterly discussion groups in research centres;
- sensitise policy-decision makers on the waste of female talents in order to stimulate a debate favouring equal opportunities

The following blueprints deriving from DIVA's activities could serve as a basis for future actions and as strategic guidelines for change:
- A blue-print to increase the presence of female students in science
DIVA developed an approach and tools to reduce the impact of stereotypes by improving the self-esteem of female students and disseminating a culture of 'I can do it and I am particularly suitable to study and work within the science sector'. The aim was to free the natural voice of female students, helping them to bring to the surface their interests, attitudes and passions in order to guarantee femal self-actualisation in the society. The approach innovated in the practice of mobilising funds and generating initiatives aiming to sensitise female students to the beauty and opportunities offered by science. The two main innovations were the way the communication was designed, as well as the approach used during school meetings.
- A blue-print to increase the awareness of gender equal opportunity amongst female scientists
DIVA had in the research centres the objective of increasing the awareness of female researchers about all the issues that act as barriers and create a 'glass ceiling', thus slowing the career progression of women while at the same time drawing out the factors that act as detractors in increasing the interest of female researchers in selling gender equity issues within their organisations. The project's approach was fundamentally a 'become aware and fight for your rights' method that promoted cohesiveness amongst female researchers helping them to identify the key success factors that help generating a higher and more effective consciousness on the importance of acquiring gender equality in the work place.
- A blue-print to sensitise policy and decision makers on the waste of female talents in order to stimulate a debate favouring equal opportunities
To stimulate the policy debate at national and local level on the need for equal opportunities in science and to mobilise as many as possible stakeholders in favour of gender equality in scientific research, DIVA developed a multi-level approach which comprised organisation of face-to-face meetings with academic and scientific managers, participation in public events of political relevance and participation in media events.

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