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Final Activity Report Summary - EEDRIPART (Partnership for fostering entrepreneurship and SME development)

All the objectives and activities planned were realised within the confines of the EEDRIPART project. The EEDRIPART project contributed to the development and enhancement of EEDRI's capacity in the area of policy-oriented research underpinning a strategy for support development of SMEs in Polish regions, as well the development and tightening the cooperation between EEDRI and regional, national and international outstanding organisations and strong involvement of EEDRI in strengthening of regional partnership aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and SME development.

This was realised by provision of workshops, trainings, seminars and conference, through active participation by EEDRI's team and incoming researchers in meetings organised by regional institutions as well national units, through a direct cooperation with incoming experts and through involvement of outgoing researchers in activities carried out by SBRC therein establishment close linkages between EEDRI and outstanding European Union (EU) centres.

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