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Final Activity Report Summary - LASMICROTOK (Transfer of knowledge in laser microprocessing)

The project brought expertise in microscale and nanoscale technologies to the laser group at University of Liverpool, an acknowledged centre for the development of macroscale processes using high power lasers. The transfer of this knowledge was the key aim of the project.

Two fellows were appointed, each for a period of up to two years. One fellow brought expertise in 'Atomic force microscopy' (AFM), a technique for structuring and observing materials at the nanoscale, and also expertise in nanoparticles. This allowed the Liverpool group to increase its activity in the technology areas of the production of nanoparticles by laser and the study of cell differentiation on controlled surface topography substrates. The increased knowledge of AFM operation has allowed nanoscale imaging to become a widely used method of post process evaluation of surface treated materials in a wide range of applications. The second fellow brought knowledge of microscale and nanoscale chemistry, in particular techniques based on sol gels. This has allowed the Liverpool group to increase its activity in the area of picosecond laser cleaning and to consider entry into research into metamaterials.

Transfer of knowledge was aided by the delivery of hands on training in our laboratories in the above techniques with research staff and research students. A series of informative seminars was presented by both fellows. The fellows were active throughout their tenure in regularly held research group meetings. At the same time, the knowledge base and expertise of the fellows and their capabilities in the areas of laser materials processing, in particular the application of ultrashort lasers, were significantly increased by the training in those techniques that they received in our laboratories. The work carried out was published in international peer reviewed scientific journals; five papers in all being produced. In addition a number of conference contributions were also made. Dr Dima was awarded a journal of materials chemistry poster prize at symposium C on smart materials for smart devices and structures at the E-MRS fall meeting, 15 - 19 September 2008, held in Warsaw, Poland.

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