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Final Activity and Management Report Summary - CATPOM (Synthesis gas and C1-oxygenates formation by catalytic partial oxidation of methane)

In this project, we have been actively involved in the C1 chemistry. In particular, we have investigated the following topics:
(i) synthesis gas formation by catalytic partial oxidation of methane with catalysts consisting in deposited noble metals (Pt and Rh);
(ii) partial oxidation of methane with V-based catalysts to produce C1-oxygenates (methanol and formaldehyde);
(iii) study of the mechanism and kinetics of CO oxidation with Au-based catalysts; and
(iv) production of CO-free H2 streams by catalytic decomposition of formic acid (HCOOH) with Au catalysts.

Reported by

Capus Universitari, 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès
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