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Final Activity and Management Report Summary - RHEO (Development of a novel instrument for viscoelastic characterisation of food and biological materials)

The objective of this research proposal was to develop a novel rheological instrument that can be used for small amplitude viscoelastic characterisation of liquids, solids, and semi-solid materials. In this research project, development of a novel measurement system for small amplitude viscoelastic properties of materials is proposed. It is estimated that the proposed method is suitable for measurements up to 10 KHz and requires sample in micro litre amounts. In addition to fluid samples, this instrument is suitable for rheological characterisation of solid food samples such as liquid filled capsules and irregularly shaped grains.

Another important advantage of the proposed instrument is its ability to be used as an attachment to commonly available instruments such as texture analyser (Surrey, United Kingdom) and Instron universal testing machine (Norwood, United States). This property of the proposed instrument allows texture analysers to conduct small amplitude viscoelastic testing without any requirements such as air bearing and compressed air that are usually required by conventional rheological instruments.

Construction and successful validation of the proposed instrument can provide a powerful analytical tool which can be used for research or quality control purposes by researchers from many different disciplines.

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