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Final Activity Report Summary - EARA-EST (EARA: Early stage training in astrophysics)

EARA-EST was not focused on a single research topic. The training provided by the five 'European association for research in astronomy' (EARA) partner institutes - 'Institut d'astrophysique de Paris' (IAP), 'Institute of astronomy in Cambridge' (IOA), Leiden observatory, 'Max Planck Institüt fur astrophysik in Garching' (MPA) and 'Instituto de astrofisica de Canarias' (IAC) covers most areas in astrophysics from solar and planetary physics to the interstellar medium, extragalactic astronomy and cosmology. A total of 70 fellows from 22 countries spent from 3 to 36 months in one of the EARA institutes.

The topics of the nine long duration fellowships indeed reflect the diversity of EARA research:
1.the topology of the universe as probed by the intergalactic medium;
2. cosmic shear exploration beyond one degree scale using CFHT legacy wide survey;
3. tracking the incompressible flow of dark matter in phase space: a new perspective on the Vlasov-Poisson equation;
4. radiative transfer and the epoch of reionisation;
5. variable star populations in local group dwarf galaxies: dependence on environmental factors;
6. emission from dust with modified size distribution;
7. ices in protoplanetary disks: a laboratory and observational approach;
8. the formation of protoplanetary disks;
9. study of extrasolar planets with the transit method.

The 61 shorter duration research projects are distributed in the following way: cosmology (17), extragalactic astronomy (11), the Milky Way and nearby galaxies (10), AGN (5), star formation and the interstellar medium (4), stellar physics (8), planet formation and exoplanets (2), the Sun (3) and instrumentation (1). Moreover, within each research topic, many different methods and techniques (observations in various energy ranges, numerical simulations or analytical approach) are represented.

In total, EARA-EST fellows have collaborated to 95 papers in refereed journals (61 as first author). The complete list of publication appears on the EARA website together with additional information regarding the achievements of the fellows following their stay within the EARA consortium.

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