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Final Activity Report Summary - MCMACM (Modern composite materials applied in aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering: Theoretical modelling and experimental verification)

The project aimed to establish new areas of competence at Lublin University of Technology (LUT), comprising modelling of composite materials and their applications to mechanical, civil and aerospace engineering. The research was carried out within two main topics:

1. multi-scale theoretical modelling and experimental verification of anisotropic behaviour of composite materials under combination of dynamic loading, environmental and temperature effects
2. modern approaches to engineering structures made of composite and smart materials using the newest results of nonlinear dynamics, new concepts of control, vibrations and chaos.

Another aim of the project was to provide teaching at European level by delivering a series of lectures, i.e. short intensive courses, to PhD students and LUT staff, as well as advanced courses, individual consultations and joint research at experienced LUT staff. In order to ensure transfer of knowledge, necessary for performing the mentioned tasks, the following activities were undertaken:

1. seven researchers with excellent, globally recognised expertise in modelling of composites and analysis of the civil engineering and mechanical structures made of composite or smart materials using nonlinear theory, originating from Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and United Kingdom, were recruited for two months each,
2. three researchers, from Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, were employed for 1.5 years each
3. secondments of LUT staff, corresponding to 50 person months, were organised at partner institutions in Germany, Italy and United Kingdom
4. three international conferences, namely the IUTAM Symposium in 2005, the 16th IWCMM in 2006 and the Euromech Colloquium 498 in 2008, as well as three workshops and several seminars were organised.

The knowledge that was transferred by recruited researchers was very well absorbed by LUT PhD students and staff and joint research, both theoretical and experimental, was initiated and nicely developed. The measurable results were the following:

1. A book was published by Springer, titled 'Lecture notes on composite materials', as part of the 'Solid mechanics and its applications' series. The book editors were R. de Borst, T. Sadowski, the co-authors were T. Sadowski from LUT and the recruited researchers H. Altenbach, R. de Borst, E. Craciun and R. Pyrz
2. A second book, related to 'Nonlinear phenomena in mechanical engineering systems', which would be part of the 'Mechanical engineering' series was under preparation by the time of the project completion and would also be published by Springer. The co-authors were J. Warminski from LUT and the recruited researchers M. Cartmell, G. Rega, M. Wiercigroch and the training partner S. Lenci.
3. Seventy seven articles were published in international journals, mainly in the ICI Master Journal List
4. Seventeen articles were published in conference proceedings
5. Sixteen articles were submitted to international journals, mainly to the ICI Master Journal List
6. Ninety five presentations were prepared for international conferences.

The research results obtained within this project allowed to start participation in the 'Structural funds in the operational programme - Innovative economy' (IEOP) financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Project No POIG.0101.02-00-015/08, which would last from 2008 to 2013 and was coordinated by the Aeronet 'Polish Aviation Valley'. For further information refer to and /

In addition, a new proposal under the European Seventh Framework Programme REGPOT-2009-1, titled 'Centre of excellence for modern composites applied in aerospace and surface transportation infrastructure' was submitted on 06.02.2009. Ten foreign researchers, who were participants in this project, contributed to that new project.

The implementation of the MCMACM resulted in a significant increase of research quality and overall research and technical development capability at LUT, thus creating at LUT a leading research and education centre in the middle-east part of Europe in modern composite materials and their applications to construction elements. The long term cooperation with leading European researchers was established and the international competitiveness of LUT was increased. Recruited researchers gave lectures at the local enterprise 'Polish Aviation Work Swidnik SA'. It also resulted in strengthening the cooperation between industry and academia. Finally, the secondments of young LUT staff at partner institutions attracted young scientists towards research in engineering.

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