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Final Activity Report Summary - DISCCONVGEO (Discrete and convex geometry)

Thirteen experienced and five young researchers spent a total of 46 months in the Renyi Institute. Each long term visitor gave talks presenting new results and methods. They met colleagues and graduate students at the Eotvos University, the Technical University of Budapest and the University of Szeged. In accordance with the plan, three members of the Renyi Institute spent a total of 24 months at our partner institutions, the Fee University Berlin, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, the University College London, the Charles University Prague, the Universite Marne-la-Vale and the Technical University of Catalonia. We organised four international meetings, the Geometry Fest in 2007, the Conference on Intuitive Geometry and the Discrete and Convex Geometry Workshop in 2008 and the Conference on Algorithmic and Combinatorial Geometry in 2009. We also organised three small workshops.

These events offered an excellent opportunity to exchange new ideas. Various joint research projects were initiated with visitors to Hungary, as well as with members of the partner institutions. They resulted so far in 16 published or accepted papers. Another seven papers were submitted for publication by the time of the project completion while several research projects were still in the working phase.

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