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Final Activity Report Summary - LAMA (Improvement of competitiveness of the labour market and its entities)

There were two main objectives of the LAMA project. The first was connected with the scientific and research issues and the second with practical implementation of the gathered knowledge in the form of training courses for company owners, labour market institutions and regional administration. Research and development objectives concerned the issues of accumulating knowledge and experiences, developing research methodology and the ability to transmit the knowledge in order to facilitate the development of the competitiveness of the labour market and its entities.

The acquisition of this knowledge was attainable by means of numerous ways, such as:

1. fellowships, both incoming, consisting of 47 months and 12 persons, and outgoing, consisting of 44 months and 11 persons,
2. scientific meetings, which included 16 workshops and 11 conferences,
3. joint research, including two surveys of the entrepreneurship among young people,
4. over 1 000 collected and printed scientific papers,
5. publications of 66 books.

The second major objective of the project was the practical abilities of transmitting the knowledge, both already owned and newly accumulated. The project offered an unsurpassable opportunity to learn from the foreign partners the methods, by means of which knowledge can be transferred in various aspects, such as in the educational aspect to the students, in the professional training aspect to the companies, employees and the unemployed, and in the aspect of national and regional administrative policy related to the improvement of functioning of the labour markets. The above achievements were linked to:

1. developing recommendations for labour market and employment policy allowing for the issues of discrimination,
2. employment of women,
3. support for entrepreneurship among young people,
4. promotion of employment of older workers,
5. implementation of a system of encouragement and support for people aiming at acquiring higher qualifications.

Moreover, an important product of the LAMA project, of long term significance, was a training centre for the needs of the local labour market. The centre offered training services for numerous target groups, such as company owners, employees and government administration. Strong emphasis was put during the courses on issues relating to ethics and equal opportunities of women and men. The centre provided other research and training institutions in Poland and the European Union with assistance and consultancy. Another long-term effect of the LAMA project was the development of joint projects within the Seventh Framework Programme, where social issues would be analysed.

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