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Final Activity Report Summary - RAIL SAFE (New optimised and integrated strategies for railway safety and systems reliability)

This has been a real 'Transfer of knowledge (TOK) project where the fellow has participated in the research at NTNU. He has taken two courses ('risk influence modelling' and 'industrial safety and reliability'). Together with NTNU / SINTEF the fellow has planned, and arranged a workshop in Bucharesti where the Safeculture method were applied. The fellow, together with the professor at NTNU has been invited to participate in the (European Union-funded) thematic network project SAMNET. Altogether, we have participated in 6 meetings, where we were special invited to give a presentation in one session (Paris, 8 April 2005). A comprehensive report of 170 pages has also been the result from the RAILSAFE project. In this report, standard methods for safety management and risk analysis have been presented. Further some new ideas how to integrate 'incident and accident investigation' with traditional 'risk analysis methods' has been presented.

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