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Final Activity Report Summary - REAL ESTATE MARKETS (Methodology for local and regional real estate markets analyses and possible applications of results)

The methodology for local and regional real estate markets analysis that has been worked out in the European Union (EU) countries allows for demand anticipation and indication of the supply adapting abilities. Among other things it means lowering the threat of too rapid increase followed by deep crisis because the very mechanism and certain warning signals are known. Thus, it is possible to assign remedial measures. Cooperation by department with experienced European Union scientists has facilitated the development of modern methodology for local and regional real estate markets analysis. It has also assisted in broadening the course and teaching offer of the department. It has helped begin the study on the local and regional market and conducting more advanced and deeper analysis. The research could be used to develop real estate monitoring so as to prepare operation methods and procedures in case of intense market growth and the associated crisis possibility.

Work performed during project generally can be summarised as:
- Organisation of seminars and individual consulting on the methodology for real estate market research, result analysis, strong and weak sides of the selected local and regional markets, changes in the real estate property values based on EU market examples.
- Invited researchers' participation in teaching classes with students of real estate and investment specialisation and with other students of the socio-economic faculty with interest in the subject.
- Participation in the internal, departmental seminars focusing on regional and local real estate markets characteristics, doctorate papers evaluation and assessing the work of the younger scientists.

The main results can be seen as:
- publications during the project and after it is finished;
- enhanced teaching offer;
- a series of seminars targeting other departmental researchers, students and all the interested in the subject;
- preparation of a book about the methodology for local and regional real estate markets analysis by members of research team;
- preparation of housing strategy of municipality of Lodz.

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