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Final Activity Report Summary - EVATTUM (Ex vivo assessment of therapy for brain tumors)

The main objective of this project was to transfer the ISIS platform developed by INSERM, France, to Capsant Neurotechnologies, United Kingdom. The ISIS platform is a model of the most malignant grade of brain tumour with a median survival time of less than 12 months. Current methods of treatment, such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have shown little efect on GBM patient prognosis. GBM tumours are highly invasive, proliferative and angiogenic and therefore there is a poor survival rate for GBM patients.

The results of this technology transfer project were as follows:
1) The INSERM ISIS platform was transferred to Capsant Neurotechnologies. This involved training of Capsant staff by INSERM staff. The appropriate equipment was bought in and set-up at Capsant. Different cell lines were tested in the system along with different tissue sources for preparing the slice platform.
2) Using specialised software, the platform was validated for low throughput quantification of morphological differences between different types of tumours and treatments.
3) The system was validated for low-throughput screening for anti-tumour drugs.
4) The platform was analysed and improved for developing the ISIS platform for industrial use.
5) High throughput quantification systems were assessed for industrial use.

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Biomedical sciences building, Bassett Crescent east
United Kingdom
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