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Final Activity Report Summary - DEMOCRACY (Consolidation and deconsolidation of democracy in the transition societies of central and Eastern Europe)

The main objective of the transfer of knowledge was to combine the institute's competence in the field of comparative dictatorship research with research in the field of the transition to and the consolidation of democracy. It allowed for the analysis of the conditions of consolidation / deconsolidation of democracy in the 'new' German 'Laender (federal states)' and in the Central / East European states of Poland, Czech Republic and Russia, and their interaction with social, economic and cultural factors.

New theoretical evidence has derived from dismissing the - often implicit - teleological nature of transition literature and from focusing on trade-offs between formal political processes that consolidate democratic governance as well as informal processes of the deconsolidation of democratic governance. Special attention is paid to the mechanisms through which new democratic states are subject to the structural legacies of previous dictatorial systems. Core topics are the institutional, political and procedural aspects as well as attitudes and public opinion, with some emphasis on the importance of the programs and actions of those political actors as being critical or hostile towards the system.

The institute, which is situated in a 'less favoured region' and in the 'triangle' between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, has considerably enlarged its scientific contacts and collaborations by networking with numerous research institutions in Europe - East and West.

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