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Final Activity Report Summary - NAE (New aeschylus edition)

The research financed by NAE contract aimed to provide Aeschylus' new edition, led according to the criteria illustrated in due course in the application form. Briefly, the study of the hand-written tradition, carried out in the past by Turyn, Page, Dawe and West's researches, reached essentially satisfactory results, but the editions published in the second half of the twentieth century present a text which is not only contradictory, but often unsatisfactory. Erudite tradition pointed out many problems concerning text establishment and exegesis, which have often been solved by following grammatical or metrical rules which sometimes leave out of consideration ancient evidences. Although these rules are well-founded, they have been applied with such rigidity that they have brought out a strong modification of hand-written tradition data. The Aeschylus' new edition research group has intended to go deeply and systematically over all works and studies from the edition princeps until nowadays.

In order to do this, the group aimed to check again all witnesses of hand-written tradition and to correct the criteria with which the analysis of the manuscripts was led: our intention is to provide an edition based on the author's poetics and on data passed on from ancient times. For this reason, we have taken care to collect as many Aeschylus' manuscripts as possible and to transfer them on a magnetical support (image files): the activity of the paleaographer, who worked in Trento from 11 January 2006 to 10 January 2008, has permitted us to gain the documentation of almost all aeschylean existing manuscripts; we also transferred main documents of erudite tradition, from editio princeps until the end of nineteenth century: all these data, besides the new repertory of conjectures on Aeschylus which the group of Trento has been working on since ten years and which is going to be completed, will be made available to all the staff members. We discussed the problems of aeschylean text establishment in four international meetings and we formed a group of eighteen Italian and foreign scholars who have distributed among them the seven plays, in order to accomplish the edition (text, apparatus, Italian translation and commentary, in seven volumes to which, in a second time, the volumes dedicated to scholia and fragments will be added), according to the criteria approved by the committee for the edition of Greek and Latin classical texts of the accademia nazionale dei Lincei. All previous meetings proceedings have been published on the review Lexis from 2001 to 2006, and the proceedings of the staff meetings engaged in the aeschylean edition are in course of publication on this and other periodicals (Quaderni Urbinati, Bollettino dei classici dell'accademia dei Lincei, Ithaca, Barcelona).

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