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Final Activity Report Summary - SWARCES (Software architectures and embedded systems)

The research proposed by this project was carried out in the area of software architectures for telecommunication products and embedded systems, based on components off-the-shelf (COTS).

The main goals were to:

1. develop new concepts of interworking and new architectural platforms that could be used efficiently in new generation products, decreasing development time and time to market and increasing the overall quality of the product
2. develop a database of new software components that would serve as the basis for new component based architectures
3. either develop or assess new integrated development tools that could be merged into the Siemens development process
4. assess and define improvements to the Siemens development process according to the new component-based development concepts.

Amongst the project results were the following:

1. study on the state of the art on component oriented software architectures
2. definition of a service oriented architecture
3. economical and feasibility assessment of industry needs.

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