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Final Activity Report Summary - NOVELOX (Novel oxides with specific magnetic/transport properties)

The aim of this project was to develop a collaborative training of the PhD students in the field of materials chemistry between the three centres of Liverpool, Caen and Oslo in order to set up an 'ecole de pensée', allowing also strong links to be established between the centres for the future. These exchanges have been very fruitful, allowing the students to be co-tutored for their PhD thesis. Thanks to the great complementarity between the centres, attractive scientific results were obtained, which were published in international journals. The main points concern the discovery of transparent conductors, of new protonic and ionic conductors, of new magnetodielectric materials, and of new magnetic materials. Non stoichiometry phenomena in various structures of oxides were also studied. The training of the PhD students to the techniques of solid state chemistry were carried out in a complementary manner as well for synthesis (high temperature, high pressure, soft chemistry, electrochemistry) as for the structural characterisation (X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, synchrotron, electron microscopy) as for the physical measurements in magnetism, optics and ferroelectricity. Thanks to the exchanges of the PhD students between the centres over long periods, ranging from 6 months to 18 months and to the close interactions between their supervisors a unique training could be performed: each student could attend numerous lectures and seminars and could participate to teaching in two different countries. The results of this training were also confirmed by publications in international journals, oral communications and posters in various workshops and international conferences.

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