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Final Activity Report Summary - NET-ON-DEMAND (A Transfer of Knowledge Industrial-Academic Partnership to Develop the Wireless Communications Elements of Self-Configuring Intelligent Sensor Networks)

The project was launched with the objective of sharing knowledge and expertise in the application and development of wireless sensor network technology. Wireless sensor networks are intelligent self-configuring sensing and communications systems used in the security, health (e-HEALTH) and other industries. Within the project, specific applications were explored and piloted. The partners included representatives from both industry and academia, in three different EU countries - UK, France and Norway.

The project was led by the Professor Garik Markarian of the Institute of Integrated Information Systems, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds, where the wireless communications technology is being developed. The other academic partners were the University of Bergen, led by Professor Øyvind Ytrehus, specialising in cryptography theory, coding and encryption; and ENST Bretagne's advanced research centre in communications (PRACOM), who are developers of specialist turbo codes used in several communications standards, led by Professor Ramesh Pyndiah. There were three industrial partners: Britannia 2000 Ltd, based in Maidenhead UK, a manufacturer of video surveillance equipment used worldwide by police, security and military users; Rinicom Ltd, based in Leeds UK, a technology leader in wireless video surveillance and broadband communications systems development; and Nera Networks, Bergen Norway, a leading communications infrastructure company.

Since the scope of wireless sensor networks is very broad, the project was structured as a set of 23 closely interrelated sub-projects in which exchanges took place between academic and industrial partners, with specific objectives.

The key objectives of the project included (but not limited) research in the following area:
- Sensory networks for security and surveillance applications;
- Sensory networks for e-health applications;
- Novel COFDM PHY layer for advanced wireless sensory networks;
- Novel Network Coding technique for wireless sensory networks.
In addition, supportive dissemination and knowledge transfer activities between the Academic and industrial partners were proposed. All objectives of the project were successfully completed.

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