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Final Activity Report Summary - MICROGEN (Anaerobic microbiological oxidation underpinning sustainable energy generation (MicroGen))

The objective of the MICROGEN project was to build a strong research capability at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) for the study of anaerobic microbiological conversions for sustainable energy generation. The Microbial Bioenergy Group is an active multidisciplinary research centre with an international reputation for its work in studies of anaerobic digestion microbiology, bioreactor technology, biological hydrogen production and electrochemistry.

This project transferred new expertise to the group, which addressed a deficit in frontline analytical techniques and in computational modelling. This new capability has allowed the group to determine the in-situ microbial activity and process chemistry in intensively monitored reactors and biocatalytic and microbial fuel cells. The transfer of knowledge was implemented by a 48-month project, which recruited four Experienced (ER) and three More Experienced (MER) researchers to NUI Galway.

The recruited researchers worked closely with existing core staff and trainee researchers based in Galway and were fully integrated into existing and developing research programmes. The project contributed to the training of >60 under- and postgraduate students through summer schools, seminars and workshops. Scientific highlights of the project include the development of low-temperature anaerobic digestion technology for bioenergy production from wastewater and a prototype novel biocatalytic fuel cell. The dissemination outputs of the project include 9 peer-reviewed papers in leading international journals and 14 presentations at high-level international conferences.

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