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Final Activity Report Summary - PEM (Prediction of Electromagnetic fields)

The ever-increasing proliferation of all kinds of (wired and wireless) electronic equipment in every aspect of human life requires careful design and engineering methodologies to assure proper functioning of products and systems in their operational environment. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is one of the main factors resulting in lack of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). EMC is often seen as just an additional aspect of design and engineering, although interest is more or less related to the number of disasters caused by EMI such as failure of critical electronic devices. The above mentioned problems and issues present in future industrial (security) applications can only be solved with the aid of fundamental scientific knowledge.

Therefore this project created a strategic and durable inter-sectoral partnership in the field of EMC between Thales (a leading global high-tech company) and four renowned European universities in Nottingham (UK), Torino (Italy), Wroclaw (Poland) and Split (Croatia). The research of the Prediction of Electro-Magnetic fields (PEM) project is dedicated to the prediction of electromagnetic interference in living environments, and the rapid estimation of interference risks. The project is focused on less interference by electromagnetic fields, reducing health and safety risks, and improving European competitiveness. Various transfer of knowledge activities have been established, such as numerous visits, training sessions, meetings and many presentations to the project partners.

Furthermore, structuring effects at European level such that a structured future collaboration between the project partners has been established. Also outreach activities have been initiated, such as presentations at company sites (Alenia, Philips, and of course Thales) which were open to small and medium enterprises and students. Workshops have been organised in collaboration with the IEEE sections, and lunch presentations have been organised at universities. Many papers have been presented at international conferences, several papers have been published in international peer-reviewed journals and several patent applications have been filed.

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