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Final Activity and Management Report Summary - MELPRIN (Next generation turbulent multiphase CFD modelling for the electrochemical process industries)

Sodium chlorate electrochemical production is a large industry (over 3 million tons produced each year worldwide) with high power consumption (5-6 kWh/t NaClO3) and, because of the current rising energy costs, this sector is now looking for energetically more cost-effective solutions. At the moment, the main source of inaccuracy in the modelling of these types of systems comes from a poor description of the hydrodynamics. For this reason, we developed a more accurate computer model where the hydrodynamics is calculated directly from the equations of motion.

The results show the existence of new flow patterns different from those previously assumed in the design of electrochemical cells. The model was then implemented in OPENFOAM, an Open Source hydrodynamic code, and represents now a valuable tool for the design of these types of systems.

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