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Final Activity and Management Report Summary - RECRYST (Improving water treatment processes through chalk recrystallisation)

Calcite (CaCO3) plays a role in many public and industrial regimes that are critical for the health and the economic well-being of society, but in many cases, a lack of understanding of the fundamental physical and chemical properties controlling calcite growth and dissolution translates to direct problems or to inefficiency.

RECRYST has investigated the fundamental surface reactivity and environmental engineering utility of natural calcite (chalk) and bacterially precipitated calcite, and has demonstrated the utility of this mineral for enhancing the efficiency of toxic metal removal during water treatment processes, and solubility and mineral trapping during carbon capture and storage. This knowledge will contribute to enhancing the EU's ability to develop energy efficient, low carbon water and air treatment technologies through the 21st century for a long term environmentally sustainable future.

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