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Final Activity Report Summary - NOVOCAT (Discovery platform for novel catalysts)

This project focuses on the transfer and integration of distinct but highly complementary areas of research competence in a SME and an academic Institute. Academic expertise in the area of the development of biotechnological routes to a specific and highly valuable class of molecules (p-chiral catalysts) is crossed over with expertise in the area of the industrial development routes to make products out of these. The aim was to build a long-term strategic partnership, in which for the SME its core discovery platform can be enhanced greatly to increase its competitiveness, whereas the academic scientists will learn how to work in a commercial environment and acquire knowledge about the market.

In this project 3 scientists were recruited from across Europe, worked under the supervision of experienced scientists both in the university and in the industrial environment for up to 24 months closely together. This way broad knowledge beyond purely scientific expertise was acquired and exchanged in both directions. The SME benefits from an enhanced technology platform, thereby increasing its competitiveness and the academic centre obtains a strategic industry relationship and direct experience with industrial management, IPR and commercialisation. Some of these products can find their way into very valuable applications in the medicine manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical or fine chemical industries.

The results have been published in several scientific peer-reviewed journals and conferences. The project addresses various major strategic objectives of the European Commission - most notably the empowerment of world-class research and development in SMEs, and the enhancement of awareness of exploitation potential among scientists and ability to link science with innovation.

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