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Final Activity Report Summary - ATIS (Absolute time scales and isotope studies for investigating events in Earth and human history)

The main goal of the ATIS project was the transfer of knowledge which resulted in increasing the research potential of the GADAM Centre and its expertise in applying and interpreting results in the fields of radiocarbon and luminescence dating, isotopic studies by means of mass spectrometry and gamma and alpha spectrometry. Those techniques find direct application in the fields of climate reconstructions, dating and characterising climatic events in Earth history, assessing human impact on the environment - fields of the Centre's intensive activities for many years.

The project's goals were realised by means of visits of the Centre's experienced and more experienced researchers to leading laboratories in the listed fields in the European Community, as well as by accepting researchers at the GADAM Centre. The stays of the Centre's scientists in the chosen institutions enabled starting or continuing long-term collaboration; the Centre's scientists had the chance to keep their knowledge at the state-of-art level and acquire new skills; through interaction with scientists in partner institutions new ideas and research directions to sprung up.

Within the ATIS stipends scientists from GADAM carried out research in partner laboratories supplementing the European Quaternary climate reconstructions. A considerable number of joined publications resulted from the project. On the other hand, researchers from abroad staying the GADAM Centre, through their daily involvement in the laboratory's activities, partaking in seminars, and assisting in supervising diploma and PhD students were able to transfer their experience and had a direct positive impact on the Centre's activities. In ATIS, the Centre's scientists were able to apply their experience in international collaboration and project coordination gained within the GADAM Centre of Excellence project.

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