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Final Activity Report Summary - EI-HCV (Entry inhibitors for the treatment of HCV infection)

The EIHCV network equipped twenty three early career researchers with integrated multidisciplinary and multi-sector training in a range of leading skills relevant to antiviral and immunotherapeutic drug development in the post-genomics era. The researchers gained world-class expertise in specialist shortage skills including structural biology, functional genomics and obtained training in specialist instrumentation including DNA sequencers, confocal microscopes, gene arrays, mass specs, flow cytometers, bioinformatics clusters, synchrotrons, biophysical instruments etc. Training was acquired through at the bench training, formal courses, workshops and mobility placements.

Scientific outputs were also significant. The network developed novel virus culture systems to allow high throughput screening of antiviral drugs and neutralising antibodies. We defined the effects of receptor binding, fusion and entry. EIHCV also devised expression systems and purification systems that enabled high level production of viral glycoprotein and subsequent elucidation of a model for E2 glycoprotein organisation and fold. These same systems were also used for the selection and production of novel neutralising antibodies. A further significant achievement was the generation of anti-receptor antibodies which were shown to prevent and clear HCV infection in appropriate model systems.

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