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Final Activity Report Summary - COMISEF (Computational Optimization Methods in Statistics, Econometrics, and Finance)

A highly active and successful cohort of young researchers could be recruited for COMISEF. These young researchers received special training in the field of heuristic optimization methods and among other things, successfully contributed to the network's publication output. 7 out of 15 ESR/ER received their PhD degree and the rest is expected to follow suit. It is expected that the specific techniques developed in the network and acquired by the fellows will disseminate fast into new applications in many fields of science and practice. All in all, there were almost 500 COMISEF related publications over 90 of which involved young researchers.

Over the course of the duration of COMISEF many different research activities took place at the respective institutions and there were several collaborations among the partners. The packages specified in the contract were successfully implemented, and all the main goals were achieved. No major problems have occurred with regard to the cost management, staff selection and research/training output. As far as the Gender Balance is concerned, the COMISEF-network had 4 female and 11 male ESR/ER.

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