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Final Activity Report Summary - RECEPTEUR (Cytokine receptor traffic, signalling and human disease)

The Marie Curie Research Training Network RECEPTEUR (November 1, 2006 until 31-10-2010) focused on the relationships between cytokine receptor trafficking, signalling and human disease. The network consisted of 9 partners, including the SME PamGene. Major tasks of the network were to train 9 early stage researchers (ER and ESR) in specific research technologies (network-associated) and more general aspects of research training and career development. The scientific goals of the project were to provide training, acquisition of knowledge and development of technology aimed at dissecting the role of cytokine receptor function in relation to intracellular traffic in the context of chronic immune diseases, disturbed immune responses in cancer, and receptor signalling in the hematopoietic system and their dysfunction in hematological malignancies.

Major achievements of this network include the successful training of the ER/ESRs, who were all successful in setting a next step in their careers, and the establishment of a scientific and training network between the partner laboratories that will last beyond the duration of the RECEPTEUR network. Additional highlights within the network included the broad scientific meetings and network meetings, which provided a highly stimulating atmosphere for the exchange of new ideas and technologies. Together, these meetings attracted well over 600 attendants from different European countries as well as from outside Europe.

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