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Final Activity Report Summary - NANOMEMCOURSE (Training Course on Nanostructured Materials for Advanced Membrane processes)

During this project, five advanced courses on nanostructured materials have been organised in five different countries: Spain (Zaragoza), Greece (Patras), Norway (Oslo), The Netherlands (Enschede) and Italy (Rende), the coordination being by a French partner (CNRS-Toulouse). The topical contents of the course went from the fundamentals of material preparation, characterization and modelling and multiscale simulation. Then three more courses focused on applications of such nanostructured materials to Energy, Health, Water and Food issues. In most cases, membrane material and processes were the dominant topics covered by the lectures.

A total of over 100 keynote speakers could be invited to deliver lectures, either on fundamentals and academic questions, or on industrial challenges. Non-scientific topics such as English as technical language, project management, structure of the European programmes, as well as collaborative projects discussed amongst the participants took a significant share of the time. A total of over 3000 days of high standard training have been provided to young scientists from 36 different countries. More than 300 participants received a grant to cover their registration and accommodation, as well as part of their travel expenses.

Our intention was to have more than 40% of female participants, and the final proportion is close to 44%. Some fellows from overseas such as Australia, Argentina, the USA or Singapore mixed with European delegates, thus offering an interesting opportunity to create a truly international group of young experts.

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