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Final Activity Report Summary - MODUL (Molecular Diagnostics Using Lab-on-a-Chip)

Over the course of the project a continuous transfer of knowledge was assured via active participation of the Fellows in weekly project meetings at Philips Research. By making sure that the research performed by Joakim Isaksson and Bart van Meerbergen is in line with these projects, there was a constant exchange of knowledge on application-related demands and challenges, as well as feedback on recent results. Unfortunately no suitable candidate was found for the 3rd research position of the contract. Joakim Isaksson and Bart van Meerbergen drove their own research challenges (coupled to MODUL) within the projects and thereby took responsibility in achieving the milestones together with their colleagues.

Several shorter activity reports on research progress in the respective projects were produced to ensure that the work was properly aligned with other team members. Joakim Isaksson and Bart van Meerbergen networked within and outside Philips developed considerably during the project and when they applied for permanent positions at Philips they had a track record within the company. This project was very successful and has resulted in many publications and patent applications. It is expected that these patent applications which will prove to be advantageous for Philips in the future. The value of these fellows for the Philips organisation is clearly embodied in the fact that both have received a permanent contract after the termination of their MODUL contracts.

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