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Final Activity Report Summary - OPEN TOK (On Process and Engineering of Nanoporous Materials)

The project was aimed at establishing new research lines in the area of porous materials at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). Several areas of work were selected, which may be summarised in the following broad topics: Characterisation and modelling of nanoporous materials. Experimental techniques based on atomic force microscopy and fluorescent microscopy, have been explored for the characterization of nanoporous surfaces. Also, molecular simulation tools have been developed for the design of nanoporous materials. Carbonaceous materials. The synthesis of highly-microporous activated carbons by supercritical water oxidation of carbonaceous surfaces has been studied. Also, new carbon molecular sieve membranes for hydrogen purification, and separation of gas mixtures in general, have been obtained from the pyrolysis of ceramic-supported polymer precursors like polyimides and resorcinol-formaldehyde xerogels.

Polymeric membranes. Advanced biomimetic membranes based on liquid crystalline polymers have been produced and tested for direct methanol fuel cells. Novel polymeric materials with switchable porosity, triggered by UV-light and temperature, have been produced and applied for the fabrication of microcapsules with controlled release of the substrate, and of selective membranes. Electrsospinning materials. Electrospinning of nylon polymers have been developed to produce aligned nylon nanofibers, suitable for the fabrication of filtering media in gas and liquid streams. Electrospray deposition has been used to prepare thin films of porous nanoparticles. Electrophoretic deposition has been applied to the manufacture of thin layers of catalysts deposited on metallic plates for the construction of structured catalytic-wall reactors.

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