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Final Activity Report Summary - LITCOAST (Management of coastal forests of Lithuania: sustaining and enhancing forest health through silviculture)

Coastal forests and dune vegetation at the Baltic Sea are important and often unique ecosystems of considerable habitat conservation and recreation value to society. Interdisciplinary approach of the European Commission MarieCurie LITCOAST project combined the best practices of silviculture and forest microbiology and pathology to enhance health and sustainability of coastal forests and dune vegetation which was achieved through identification of beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms associated with tree seedlings in forest nurseries and following their transfer to the field, use of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi for artificial root mycorrhization to increase seedling vitality, risk assessment and prognosis of tree decline, assessment of biodiversity in coastal vegetation and elaboration a complex of practical measures for improved forest management.

Achievements of LITCOAST project highlight the importance of industry - academia partnership for exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge and its implementation into the practice in order to meet the objectives of EU policy for sustainable management of coastal zones and integrated concepts for the multipurpose utilisation of forest resources.

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