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Final Activity and Management Report Summary - PADISCLUSDPA (The photometric evolution and age determinations of unresolved star clusters: The effect of selective mass loss from dissolving clusters)

The studies of Dr Anders cover a range of topics, both in the fields of theoretical and observational astrophysics. This research duality, testing new theoretical models with observations and being inspired to new theoretical approaches in order to understand observations better, is strongly needed in modern astrophysics research. Careful comparison of models with observations can give information of the object's nature, its physical parameters and the evolution of its environment. Only this model-observation comparison allows the study of stars, galaxies, the whole universe and their interaction & evolution.

The most relevant part of his theoretical research is a constant controlling of the models and inclusion (and testing) of new model ingredients. Without this constant testing, the models might contain uncertainties and the model-observation comparison might result in erroneously determined physical parameters. Scientific advances can only be achieved with this controlling, testing and continuous model extensions. Collaborations with a large number of scientists from various institutes around the world, and associated publications, attest the importance of his work.

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