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Final Activity Report Summary - BIOCONTROL (Bio-interfaces: From molecular understanding to application)

BIOCONTROL aimed at controlling biological functions at, respectively on, bio-interfaces. It was based on the recent recognition of the importance of structure and properties of bio-interfaces, e.g. biological membranes, for a multitude of life processes. We could contribute new knowledge on the understanding of molecules which could become new agents to fight bacterial infections or cancer. We shed light on the structure function relation of membrane proteins (e.g. channel proteins) and on the mechanisms of fibril formation during the evolution of Alzheimer. To reach these achievements we improved our knowledge of the underlying molecular mechanisms by creating a deeper understanding of processes and interactions at bio-interfaces in terms of biology, biochemistry, biophysics and structure.

Real progress in the field was achieved by breaking traditional academic borders because the BIOCONTROL researchers were trained in cross-disciplinary and collaborative work. We have educated a new category of 'life science' experts who can work across disciplines. This was achieved by an unprecedented interdisciplinary training programme comprising (bio)physicists, biologists, (bio)chemists, surface chemists and computational biologists.

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