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Final Activity Report Summary - CZECHVMXT (Czech IT Project Process Improvement for Dependable-Systems Research based on the Novel V-Model XT Approach)

The project was aimed at transfer of knowledge in the following topics: Software (SW) development process formal methodology, SW engineering, SW process improvement, concepts of V-Model XT framework (VMXT) and tailoring to the needs of GL research projects and application domains in Czech practice. It took place by means of the following work:
R.W. Brennan analysed techniques for design and implementation of multi-agent control systems with predictable and stable behaviour. He wrote a paper identifying outstanding issues in distributed intelligent systems and provided a summary of general requirements for next generation distributed industrial systems in IEEE SMC journal.

A M. Tjoa and S. Biffl led practical trainings on general approaches of different SW engineering processes, value-based SW engineering, VMXT concept, and relation of VMXT to other approaches, methodological basics of methods for improvement of SW products and processes, and compliance of VMXT with common quality management standards. They worked out presentation material as a basis for the teaching materials package for CVUT study programmes.

M. Fletcher focused on literature review on theory and design principles in multi-agent systems, and investigation of existing knowledge-based representations of SW development processes and possibilities to represent and manage such processes in ontology. He presented poster on using agents and RFID technologies to aid decisions in the supply chain at Marie Curie European Scientific Conference 2006.

J. Kubalík studied related topics at TU Vienna and he wrote a paper on optimisation of events routing in event-based systems. He reintegrated by working on optimised planning of project portfolio of large SW companies. A joint paper on SW project portfolio optimisation with advanced multiobjective evolutionary algorithms was published in Applied Soft Computing journal. He co-operated with Rockwell Automation on the optimisation algorithms for optimal agent distribution onto working units. A joint paper "Agent Clustering Methods for Optimal Agent Distribution" was published in IEEE SMC journal.

K. Matouek studied related topics at TU Vienna, he took part in analysing the trade-off between system performance and scope of coordination, modelling failure situations in multi-agent systems, designing ontology of failures and rules of multi-agent simulation and control systems, he wrote research reports and papers. He reintegrated by leading incoming researchers in ontology design for SW development processes including VMXT, he published a joint paper on investigating UML- and ontology-based approaches for process improvement in developing agile multi-agent systems and he was invited by TU Vienna to program committee of related workshops (SAECSIS-2009, SENSE-2010).

D. Winkler analysed basic requirements and specific issues, models usable in the analysis and design phase, and process model tailoring based on VMXT for multi-agent SW systems development. He was the principal author of the research report on SW engineering practices in multi-agent SW development based on VMXT.

P. Butka analysed SW models in EU R&D projects and suggested possible VMXT usage in such projects. He presented a seminar for GL on SW development methods in EU R&D projects and their relation to VMXT. He was designing a knowledge representation of general SW development process in ontology. He analysed the tailoring process of VMXT and its applicability in Czech practice. He wrote and co-authored two research reports and four papers presented at conferences and workshops. He took part in presenting VMXT to Czech professional communities and to local SW developers and IT professionals. The transferred knowledge was utilised in research work, training courses for internal and external targeted interest groups, broadened co-operation with industry and has a big potential to extend the level of the started research activities in early future.

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