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Final Activity Report Summary - INVENTS (An Integrated Series of Events for High-level Training on Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Controlled Drug Delivery and Related Emerging Fields)

The aim of the project was to provide the advanced training of participants on the most recent achievements and future trends in the research domains dealing with biomaterials, regenerative medicine and drug delivery, contributing to form multidisciplinary "hybrid" researchers prepared to face the future scientific and technological challenges. These domains are of crucial economical, health and social importance to Europe. Therefore, to conduct Europe towards a leading position in these areas that have been mostly dominated by USA and Japan, can only be accomplished by means of guiding research, creating new industrial spin-offs and transferring know-how to an all new generation of highly educated "hybrid" researchers.

In this context, INVENTS promoted high quality science in a coherent series of 9 events, namely 6 conferences in the fields of tissue engineering, drug delivery, biomineralisation, biocompatibility, nano-self-assembly materials for biomedical applications and stem cells; and 3 practical courses focussed on tissue engineering, biocompatibility, and drug delivery. The combination of complementary topics of each event formed a coherent multidisciplinary formation path aimed at improving the attendee's knowledge and skills required for conducting successful multidisciplinary research in disciplines such as tissue engineering or drug delivery.

INVENTS provided a comprehensive training to an all range of scientists, at different levels of formation. There is presently no way of obtaining such high level quality and updated training in EU, even by means of trying to combine courses offered by different Institutions and/or different conferences and scientific training courses. The scientific contents of the proposed series of events were designed to be the best possible within the different fields. Moreover it comprised a strong level of integration and a very experienced and ambitious coordination.

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