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Final Activity Report Summary - I-SENSE (Multiple sensor based systems for the safety and security related applications)

The I-SENSE project has produced a variety of positive results through the active facilitation and interaction of project participants and tapping into their respective diverse knowledge bases (both academic and practical), relevant expertise, experiences and varied understanding. The project has assisted in the development of two major technologies namely high throughput Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) and X-ray backscatter. The technologies are suitable for several different tasks however the project concentrated on developing these technologies for safety/security and humanitarian/military de-mining applications.

The main features of the IMS system developed as a result of the I-SENSE project are its high air throughput (measured and documented values of up to 100 litres per second), good resolution (up to ~ 70 which is significantly better than currently available commercial devices) as well as very high sensitivity (up to few quadrigram = 10^-15 gram). X-Ray backscatter equipment developed during I-Sense project has resulted in a device that produces very high intensity beams and is much safer for operatives to use than existing X-ray devices (due to the innovative method of generating low energy of X-rays).

When the X-ray device is operated in the pulsed mode it is able to attain a very impressive high signal to noise ratio (even in harsh field conditions) which forms an essential aspect in the detection process.

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