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Final Activity Report Summary - HUBI (Hungarian Bioinformatics)

The main goals of this project were to establish a strong and diverse bioinformatics centre in Central Europe, to catalyse collaborations between mathematicians and biologist lab researchers, doctors and physicists, engineers and computer scientists and to integrate the Rényi Institute into the network of the developed European bioinformatics centres. We wanted to invite experts of several sub-disciplines in bioinformatics including but not limited to phylogenetic trees and networks, protein structure prediction, string processing algorithms and biological motif finding, modelling the molecular evolution events like substitutions, insertions-deletions, genome rearrangements, gene finding and genome annotation, DNA microarrays and Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques in bioinformatics.

During the project period, 29 researchers were invited to the Renyi Institute, and 4 researchers were seconded to foreign institutes for a time period varying between 2 and 6 months. Above the incoming and outgoing visits, we organised a lecture series, 3 workshops and one conference, and also attended to several conferences. We published 19 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and 2 papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings. The total number of participants attended to the workshops and conference we organised were more than 200. The number of scientific talks the invited speakers and we gave were over 80. The informal discussions were as important as the formal talks, and numerous collaborations have been initiated during these discussions.

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