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Final Activity Report Summary - AURALISATION (Transfer of Knowledge in Urban Soundscape Auralisation)

With the common use of 3D visualisation tools in urban design, there is a recognised need for 3D acoustic animation, taking various urban sound sources into account, as well as their spatial and temporal conditions. However, current computer prediction programs on urban acoustics do not have proper functions in auralisation, and current programs based on techniques for room acoustics simulation, although producing rather accurate acoustic indices and providing good auralisation functions, are time-consuming and less suitable for considering multiple sources with dynamic characteristics.

The general aim of this project was to lay the foundations for urban soundscape auralisation. Detailed objectives included: Determine fast ways of simulating sound fields with absorption, reflections and diffractions of various urban elements, considering the combination of radiosity, image source method and ray-tracing methods; Determine the most effective ways of computer programming for the simulation, namely different ways of efficiently coding the algorithms, considering integration with existing packages; Establish the most effective way of considering binaural impulse responses; Explore the trade-off between model simplification and the ease in which acoustic models can be effectively integrated into 3D animations, and; Incorporate the above in a tool for conducting research on acoustic environments in 3D.

Through the involvements of three TOK research fellows, the above objectives have been achieved. Other achievements included incorporating the knowledge from the TOK Fellows to the teaching activities in the host institution, and the exploiting the scope for commercial application of the tool developed.

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