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Final Activity Report Summary - ITEM (Semiconductor Materials for Information Technology)

The main objective of the project was to increase the scientific expertise and high-level research at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw within the field of semiconductor physics and technology for the next generation of quantum devices. Despite the existing experience in the area, a new momentum is necessary to maintain a high-level of research at the host institution and to face a strong international competition. Extension of the host expertise towards new fields of the semiconductor physics and combination of the existing competence with the new knowledge was originally proposed through research, transfer of knowledge and teaching activities.

Execution of the project resulted in more than 42 person-months of appointments of researchers from Europe and Canada in the host as well as more than 17 person-months of secondments of the staff from the host to partner institutions. The research output of the project comprises numerous scientific experiments done at the host in collaboration with the visitors and in partner institutions with their staff. Topics from the most important areas of modern semiconductors physics were covered, including optical properties of semiconductor quantum dots, properties of semiconductor nanostructures in high magnetic fields, fast phenomena in semiconductor nanostructures, properties of field-effect transistors (FETs) for detection and emission of terahertz radiation, spin filtering through a single impurity in semiconductor resonant tunnelling devices. Several aspects of semiconductor technology have been addressed, eg. the formation of tellurium-based monolithic distributed Bragg reflectors for optical microcavities, the effect of growth conditions on the properties of InAs/GaAs and CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots, and formation of graphene layers on the SiC surface.

Results of research on fundamental and technological aspects of semiconductor physics have been presented in several communications on international conferences and workshops and published in a number of articles in international journals. Of utmost importance to the host has been the transfer of knowledge and training activities. Numerous seminars were given by the appointed staff at the host. Several presentations in third party organisations, which popularised the achievements of the project, have also been given by the staff from the host supported by the project. The appointed staff took also part in teaching activities giving lectures to students. To increase an awareness of the general public of the support granted by the EU to research activities within the MC ToK scheme a presentation was given at the "Night of Researchers" organised at the host in 2007. Last but not least the organisation of the ITEM Concluding Workshop in Warsaw on 7-8 May 2010 must be mentioned as an important part of the transfer of knowledge activities. Fifteen invited speakers presented 20 min. talks giving an update on the current position of semiconductor science worldwide. More than 50 attendees from the host and from the Warsaw semiconductor community took part in the Workshop.

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