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Final Activity Report Summary - ITMPC (Improving the tuning methodology for MPC+C108)

The Department of Systems and Control (Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática) at Escuela de Ingenieros of the University of Sevilla has an extended and successful experience in developing and applying Model Predictive Control (MPC) strategies to a variety of processes and in particular to solar plants. The new areas of competence to be developed by the host institution are related to the design of robust MPC structure by using Identification in closed loop, On site tuning-Robustness or any other methods.

The project was implemented by hosting outstanding European researchers which lectured and interacted with the host research group during their stay at the host institution. During their stay the hosted researcher lectured and gave seminars, demonstrated the uses of the current available tools, interacted through scheduled meetings with local researchers on a list of several applications that are the subject of current studies at the host institution.

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