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Final Activity Report Summary - AEROTOP (Aerobiology to Poznan)

The specific goals of AEROTOP were:
- to develop a common methodology of measuring concentrations of aeroallergen in indoor and outdoor air, applicable to European countries (Spain, United Kingdom),
- to develop forecasting models of pollen concentration for the plant species causing the strongest and most frequent allergenic reactions in the Wielkopolska region (subsequently for Poland as a whole) including the influence of meteorological factors on variations of pollen and fungal spores,
- to start monitoring of pollen and fungal spores concentration in the Wielkopolska region (which has as yet been not known at all), aiming to compare the quality of air in the large city and the countryside,
- to create and manage a data base of monitoring results using the standards and models applied in the other European countries; it permits to share research and analysis,
- to transfer of knowledge on the organisation, coordination, and management of regional and national aerobiological monitoring networks.

All aforementioned tasks were accomplished and it should be stressed that due to people (both incoming and outgoing) participating in the AEROTOP project, some additional activities were added to the core. There are numerous benefits of the project one can enumerate. First of all, benefits for the Faculty of Biology, AMU, where Dr Alicja Stach had moved and began to organize Laboratory of Aeropalynology. The Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr. Bronislaw Marciniak and the Dean of the Faculty of Biology granted Dr Stach with her efforts. New subject was established in the curricula of the Faculty of Biology which became soon very attractive for undergraduate and graduate students. During the past four years, due to financial support of the AEROTOP project (some other sources should be mentioned, including AMU-University of Medical Science, UAM-Pozna? University of Life Sciences and MONASLISA - another European Project) a high standard laboratory was established to carry out complex aerobiological investigations to even out differences between Poland and other European countries. The equipment of the lab is shown in photos.

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