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Final Activity Report Summary - KPS (Knowledge Processing System development)

Research topics of the KPS (business Knowledge Processing System):
(1) Elaborate a methodology foundation dedicated to capturing and sharing e-knowledge within and among (networked) SMEs including: (a) Knowledge structuring models for different types of SMEs, (b) Knowledge representation ontologies (meta-knowledge), (c) Independent domain and tool knowledge manipulation.
(2) Develop a business intelligence system (KPS) for SMEs to support Business Process Knowledge management on a SME level. Key KPS features: (a) Multi-lingual e-knowledge sharing and know-how transfer in different languages - specific to Associated Countries SMEs, (b) Role-based knowledge learning, (c) Knowledge visualisation and communication tools.

Key results of the project:
- Findings of the survey of the Business process knowledge utilisation by European SMEs.
- Methodology for business process sharing environment.
- Prototype of knowledge transformation within KPS between two different external business process modelling platforms.
- Best business process library framework for SMEs.

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