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Final Activity Report Summary - TITAM (Transport Infrastructure Technologies and Management)

The objective of the project was to reinforce the research potential and competence of the Centrum dopravniho vyzkumu (CDV - Transport Research Centre), in particular, its Department of Infrastructure and Environment. This was achieved through the mobilisation of researchers to and from CDV, in close co-operation with two leading EU transport research institutes: Transport Research Laboratory (TRL; United Kingdom) and Bundesanstalt fur Straßenwesen (Federal Highway Research Institute - BASt; Germany). The following thematic areas were covered in the TITaM project: GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar, Full - Full-scale laboratory testing, PSA - Pavement Surface Assessment, PMS - Pavement Management System, BMS - Bridge Management System. Two mobilisation schemes were used to ensure the most efficient transfer and application of knowledge.

The posts were advertised internationally and the successful applicants visited CDV on long-term fellowships. The fellows participated in current CDV projects and trained local researchers. Secondment of CDV researchers to the partner institutes: Internally selected CDV researchers were sent to study at the partner institutes (BASt and TRL) in order to acquire the knowledge specified in their training plans. The training plans were prepared individually for each researcher. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is routinely used as one of the testing methods for pavement structure evaluation. The usage of this equipment for a determination of layer thicknesses, position of reinforcement, location of defects and nonhomogeneities became very successful in last few years.

CDV bought two channel GPR system and with the help of external expert from Turkey studied the possibilities of this system for road diagnostics with special focus on concrete pavements and high speed measurements. CDV operates laboratory geotechnical full scale testing device GLTF (10 x 3 x 2 m) with drainage channel and frame used for pulse loading at selected locations. It is used for testing of different sets of subbase layers. The possibilities how better use this device and how to improve it for the future research needs were studied during fellowship of two experts from Slovakia in CDV and during secondments of CDV researchers in BASt and TRL. The BASt laboratories were selected for their long-term experience with the topic and the similarity of their test-track pulse loading system with the one located at CDV. The test-track in TRL uses classical loading system by wheel.

Pavement surface assessment methods are internationally considered as the basis for evaluating the safety of pavement surfaces. Development of testing methods for evaluating surface conditions is a continuously developing process. In order to become familiar with the latest developments, CDV researches were sent to TRL and BASt. Moreover internationally selected expert from Serbia worked in CDV and cooperated with our experts in this field. Both pavement and bridge management systems (PMS and BMS) are crucial tools for effective infrastructure operation. TRL and BASt, as leading European institutes, have broad experience in their development and implementation. CDV experts gained experience from the UK and DE and together with Slovakian experts suggested some improvements. Results were presented during national and international workshops and in national journals. The best practice guideline for each area was prepared. The TITAM final seminar was carried out as a part of the international conference organised on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of establishing CDV.

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