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Final Activity Report Summary - SUPRAGENE (Supramolecular chemistry and gene therapeutic potential of amine-substituted cyclodextrin end-functionalized triazine dendrimers based on melamine)

The project offered the opportunity to the National Hellenic Research Foundation (host institution) to develop new research directions in the topic of cyclodextrin-based dendrimers (synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, gene transfer). The transfer of knowledge to the host institution was achieved by training of two outgoing researchers at partners' laboratories, namely, Dr I.D. Kostas in the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim/Germany and Dr V. Zoumpourlis in the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Manchester/UK, as well as by two incoming fellows selected amongst several candidates by a transparent and fair recruitment policy (Dr I. Liratzis, male / PhD in chemistry from the university of Münster; Dr T.K. Kadiyska, female / PhD in medical genetics from the medical university of Sofia).

The training activities included informal meetings of the research groups for joint decisions, participation of the incoming fellows in the planning of the research project, the supervision of the research work of MSc and PhD students in the host institution, further communication with other fellows in the host institution, attendance of lectures, seminars and workshops organized by the host institution as well as participation in local, international conferences and other scientific meetings. A workshop related to the direct research of SUPRAGENE project was organised by the host institution with speakers from Greece, UK, France and the incoming fellows.

The most important scientific achievements of the research direct to the project include: (a) the development of a synthetic procedure of a broad applicability and optimization of the reaction conditions for the preparation of ?-cyclodextrin end-functionalized triazine dendrimers and amino-terminated star-shaped ?-cyclodextrins by click chemistry; (b) the formation of strong inclusion complexes of new water-soluble modified cyclodextrins and cyclodextrin-based dendritic structures with interesting organic molecules, and the binding of plasmid DNA by a star-shaped ?-cyclodextrin macromolecule; (c) the successful transfer of gene targeting agents in the A5 cell line by an amino-terminated star-shaped ?-cyclodextrin. In parallel with the direct research of the project, the antiproliferative activity of compounds such as palladium complexes with Schiff-base ligands (previously synthesized in the host institution) was studied, and found to be comparable to or even better than that of cisplatin. The research results were presented in 3 international conferences (4 poster presentations), 1 national conference (2 poster presentations) and 1 workshop (2 oral presentations). One article was published in refereed international journal, while 3 other manuscripts are under preparation.

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