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CUSTOM-IMD Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: 26599
Gefördert unter: FP6-NMP
Land: Spain

Final Report Summary - CUSTOM-IMD (SME Supply Chain Integration for Enhanced Fully Customisable Medical Implants, using new biomaterials and rapid manufacturing technologies, to enhance the quality of

The year 2010 will be remembered by a new paradigm that the physicians will be able to plan and execute surgeries making use of fully customised implants, thoroughly designed according to the clinical needs of the patient. The CUSTOMIMD project made it possible thanks to the development of new biomaterials, technology and processes for the manufacture of innovative fully customised medical implants through rapid manufacturing. From now on, implant design, manufacture, sterilisation, regulatory approval and delivery to the surgeon will be achieved within a 48 hour time frame. The project directly addresses the needs of European high-tech Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) implementing a result driven approach in order to achieve breakthroughs and innovations throughout the implant supply chain.

The level of progress achieved by CUSTOMIMD project is highly satisfactory. New biomaterials, additive manufacturing technologies, medical devices, protocols for customisation together with Information and communication technologies (ICT) tools to support customised collaborative design and supply chain management have been obtained, completely fulfilling the project objectives. Many results will be further developed beyond CUSTOMIMD calendar, showing the real interest of the partners involved in the final exploitation of the CUSTOMIMD outputs. All results are in a precompetitive development phase. Further steps are needed to get to next phases: further development, testing, industrialisation and investments. Demo parts are available and they are considered key for attracting interest and investments for the further steps.

Most of these results can be grouped in four demonstrators: the cranial implant, the dental restoration, the lumbar disc replacement and the e-supply chain. Additionally, a summary of the conclusions from the socio-economic and environmental evaluation of CUSTOMIMD developments is provided, together with some examples showing how the knowledge generated has been transferred to different target groups by dissemination and training actions.

A new concept in cranial bone plate has been obtained by integrating the materials developed, manufacturing technologies and a specific design that optimizes the performance of the new polymeric implant for a fast osteointegration and a minimum amount of foreign material left implanted in the long term.

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