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ERA-NET TRANSPORT Résumé de rapport

Project ID: 510223
Financé au titre de: FP6-COORDINATION
Pays: Germany

Final Report Summary - ERA-NET TRANSPORT

Efficient transport systems are central to Europe's single market. When ENT I started, most countries still solely viewed their transport networks and research from a national perspective. In this context, the purpose of the ERA-NET TRANSPORT was to develop a European vision for transport research. Its objective was to provide joint procedures, joint programming and joint project management models and guidelines. The ERA-NET TRANSPORT I aimed at providing an instrument to transport and research policy-makers by offering information about future challenges and European research priorities in the field of transport. The ultimate goal was to open up national transport research programmes to European partners. The ERA-NET TRANSPORT managed to promote the benefit of cooperation and to increase the awareness of programme managers for making use of the effective and valuable ENT services.

The ERA-NET TRANSPORT analysed current national programmes and existing transnational cooperations. One of the first results was the provision of an 'Overview of research programming and cooperation mechanisms' in Europe. In a next step a benchmark of practices and multilateral cooperation in transport research programmes was deployed. One of the core objectives of the ENT was the development and provision of cooperation models for trans-national research programmes. These procedural recommendations cover methods for proposal evaluation, project monitoring and joint financing, wider issues such as intellectual property rights as well as the setting up of national transport research strategies and programmes. The guidelines were based on in-depth analyses of the best programme management practices and existing cooperative research in the field of transport. Therefore, 'Analyses of barriers to cooperation and development of an initial proposal of cooperation procedures' were conducted. Preliminary and consolidated model procedures, rules and guidelines were tested and evaluated.

With guidelines in place, the ERA-NET TRANSPORT worked towards a common strategic research agenda. It mapped the transport research activities of Member States and European and international organisations. The ENT data base comprises 250 current transport research programmes in Europe and will in ENT II be further processed and prepared for a web-based service. In addition the ENT developed together with an international group of European managing transport researchers a foresight study on the future needs for transport research which was updated by the end of the project.

After all the ERA-NET TRANSPORT I project must be regarded as an indispensable foundation stone for the process towards a well-coordinated European transport research. It has been and will in future prevail in being the linking element providing adequate and timely support for those organisations that see a benefit in cooperation.

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