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MULTIPOL Informe resumido

Project ID: 33201
Financiado con arreglo a: FP6-NMP
País: Switzerland

Final Report Summary - MULTIPOL (Multifunctional polymer materials and systems with tailored mechanical, electrical and optical properties)

The ultimate aim of the MULTIPOL project was to create new multifunctional parylene-based polymers and systems with tailored properties for electronic applications. This was accomplished by the implementation of the Solid on liquid deposition (SOLID) technology. The SOLID process enables, in a one-step process, the encapsulation and replication of liquid substrates without affecting their shape. Even though parylene is not the only material that can be used for the SOLID process, it does not exert any stress on the substrate on which it grows and therefore, faithfully replicates the liquid substrate. This surprising effect opened the door to a novel fabrication technique. Therefore, the SOLID technology has the potential to stand at the base of a wide variety of micro / nano systems in the field of fluidics, medical technology, micro-optics, sensors and actuators, membranes.

During the execution of the project, the multifunctionality was demonstrated in various ways including the encapsulation of functional substances or the physical and chemical modification of parylene films. Increased conductivity, magnetic properties, photoluminescence, as well as electroactivity are some of the functions attributed to the parylene films. Furthermore, parylene films with reactive sites for protein binding, as well as antibacterial and photocatalytic activities were developed. The encapsulation of functional liquids, such as Liquid crystals (LC), was demonstrated and did not affect the properties of the liquids. In addition, it was shown that parylene could be deposited at atmospheric pressure paving the way to the deposition over aqueous solution. A patent was also registered for the synthesis of Ultraviolet (UV)-sensitive particles and its application for surface functionalisation and microstructuration of parylene films.

The novel multifunctional materials and systems developed via the SOLID technology could stand at the basis of a wide variety of new micro or nanosystems for Information and communication technologies (ICT), ranging from organic electronics and flexible displays, to solar cells, sensors and actuators.

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