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Final Report Summary - SINREM (Synchronising information for local-national participatory natural resources management)

The ultimate aim of the SINREM project was to develop a permanent network between Central American universities or public organisations and European research centres, as well as to enhance the application of sustainable natural resource management strategies and to contribute to the territorial development in cross-border zones of Central America.

The project intended to identify policy options and management strategies for harnessing judicious use of resources by:
- implementing and coordinating an operative network amongst final users, national universities, regional institutions and European research centres;
- providing the training and capacity building to both academics and local stakeholders to enhance their ability to evaluate and address the questions related to sustainable development options, and to strengthen their contribution to sustainable development methods and instruments;
- evaluating a the state of the art through data mining, and sharing information and knowledge in support to multi-stakeholder processes;
- stimulating the dialogue, negotiation and innovation within the transborder Trifinio area and by allowing stakeholders to produce agreed analysis of natural resources, to propose shared visions of the issues and prospects of the future development and to design coordinating strategies;
- developing a strategic plan for a research-action network and associated dissemination to support the Trifinio and the Comisión Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarrollo (CCAD).

Concerning the fulfilment of the first aim of the project, namely the implementation and coordination of an operative network between final users, national universities, regional institutions and European research centres, the project allowed the Centro American universities and European research centres and universities to strengthen their relationships. For this purpose, eight meetings were organised. This network proved to be very operative on the field and the cooperation between Centro American universities was excellent and constituted an example of regional cooperation in a transbordering area.

In order to achieve the second aim focus was laid on the following:

- training of investigators and professors of the universities, as well as of certified technicians on prioritised issues through various workshops;
- elaboration of a new project: a trinational 'doctorado' called 'Management of transbordering territories' led by three national universities;
- strengthening processes of dialogue with local communities and national institutions to design the local plans of natural resource management.

Local actors were involved directly in the various activities through a participative approach. All the knowledge acquired during the project with the participation of the local actors through a broad consultation was used to elaborate nationally and locally-owned sustainable development strategies and establish a comprehensive set of planning and decision-making processes. A general strategy to tackle sustainable development in transbordering areas, education and networking was pointed out.

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