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Remote assembly and maintenance for future fusion reactors and other applications

The approach followed for the studies on remote assembly and maintenance of the future fusion reactors is based on computer simulation inside a computer aided engineering (CAE) laboratory, TELEMAC, and experimental validation by using a facility named ROBERTINO, a large gantry robot with auxiliary equipment for heavy robotics.

A CAD.CAE system allows the design of equipment and tools, identify the procedures and trajectories, and graphically simulate the operations required.

In parallel, the facility ROBERTINO allows the validation of tools and procedures, taking into account particular consideration the safety critical hardware and software aspects.

An appropriate control system has been developed as a safety critical computer system, in order to allow high precision and repeatability of positioning; it ensures the linking with the graphic simulation tool and the integration with a remote handling workstation.

The main results have been obtained for validating the vertical removal concept of blanket, by using reduced scale mock ups of a vessel sector and the related blanket segments which are withdrawn and replaced through the upper access port. The results have allowed conditions for the feasibility of the concept to be defined.

Other important results have been aquired from tests of remote cutting and welding of coolant supply pipes by using boring tooling, with the indication of the critical issues to be solved.

The simulation laboratory TELEMAC and the validation facility ROBERTINO can be applied to studies outside fusion technology and prove to have an appreciated spin-off in the field of heavy robotics for industrial applications eg laser welding equipment techniques applied to the construction of heavy compnents.

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